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Our animals come from a variety of backgrounds. Many come from other animal control centers that must euthanize pets when they run out of space. Many come in as strays. Some come from loving homes that they have lost, through no fault of their own. Most share one thing in common…The A.R.K. provides their last chance to find a loving forever home.

Spending time with shelter animals brings them enjoyment, exercise and much needed love and human contact.  It improves their quality of life and helps them develop the social skills they need to be successful in a new home.  Studies show that these activities make for happier, healthier dogs and cats who actually find new homes faster!

Volunteer opportunities are available seven days a week.

Caring For Animals

Dog Care

All of the dogs must be fed and have their kennels or cages cleaned daily. Once those basic chores are done, many volunteers take dogs for walks, teach them basic obedience skills, play a game of fetch with them or even help monitor play groups.

Cat Care

All of the cats and kittens must be fed and have their cages and litter boxes cleaned daily. And of course, part of that process often involves cuddling the kitties and even playing with the kittens.

Other Opportunities

Light Housekeeping

Even if you don’t work directly with the animals, there is always laundry to do, dishes to wash and other light housekeeping chores!

Miscellaneous Jobs

From transporting animals for vet appointments to helping with basic handyman duties, data entry and much more, everyone’s skills are needed and appreciated!

Join Our Team

Getting Started

There is a role for everyone and volunteer opportunities are available seven days a week! Just call or email us for more information or to set up a time to get started! You can also start by submitting a Volunteer Release Form.

Community Service

If you need community service hours for your school, or you must complete court-mandated community service hours, we may be able to help you. Please call the shelter for more information.